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Please be advised that due to delays experienced by FedEx, we suggest scheduling deliveries to arrive a day prior to their intended consumption. Our packages are safe for a 2nd day delivery!

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Can I freeze my crab cakes for later?

We have heard from our customers that they have frozen some of their Baltimore crab cakes to enjoy later. We do not personally freeze our products, so we cannot fully endorse the quality. But we do recommend defrosting them first after freezing based on what we have heard from those customers.

Can I get a shipping quote for my Baltimore crab cakes order?

Depending on where you are looking to have your Baltimore crab cakes shipped, you might be required to use priority for overnight service. Orders for Saturday delivery are required to be shipped with FedEx's priority service. Saturday delivery is not available in all areas. Make sure your address is correct and that the service agreement has been checked off to make sure you get an accurate shipping quote.

How far in advance can I place my order?

You are free to order as far in advance as you like as long as you can find it in the drop down menu on our shipping form.

What's the cut off time for placing my order to be delivered by tomorrow?

Get your order in by 4pm for next day delivery.

How do I cook the crab cakes I get delivered?

Detailed cooking instructions will come with your crab cakes delivery. If needed, you can also look them up at

Can I ship crab cakes outside the US?

Unfortunately we can only offer US shipping at this time.

How long will my crab cakes last in the fridge?

While we recommend eating them immediately for maximum freshness, our crab cakes and other products last about 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

How do you ship your crab cakes?

We ship our products via FedEx for next day delivery only. We package our uncooked products in frozen gel packs to keep them fresh during transit. The package is guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 50 hours

If you're planning a dinner party, or need an order to arrive by a specific date, we suggest you schedule your package to arrive at least a day in advance to take into account for any delays that FedEx may experience. 

How can I track my order?

Your order shipping confirmation email will include a tracking number that you can enter into FedEx’s website.

Are your products cooked when they arrive?

Our only product that arrives cooked is the MD Crab Soup (you still have to heat the soup before consuming it). All our other products must be cooked before consumption.

What is the dress code for dining in at G&M?

While our dining room is casual, we do ask that you observe a few dress code requirements to ensure all diners have a great experience with us. We practice the standard no shoes, no shirt, no service policy common to all restaurants. We also ask that you not wear clothing with vulgar language, excessively ripped clothing, cutoff shorts, see-through clothing, or exposed undergarments. We ask that men refrain from wearing sleeveless shirts or vests/jackets without a shirt.

Can I call in an order for pickup?

For your safety, we cannot accept credit card information over the phone. Please use our online ordering system if you wish to place an order in advance. You may also fax in an order. Call 1-410-636-1777 to get an order form faxed to you.

What kind of products do you ship?

Follow the link at the top of this page to see all of the products we have available for shipping.

Can I include a gift note with my delivery order?

Of course. When you fill out your order form, there will be a space indicated for you to type an optional short note to the recipient.

What days of the week do you ship?

We ship Monday through Friday for next day delivery (excluding national holidays). Saturday delivery have an additional charge. And please note that FedEx does not deliver to all areas on Saturdays. Start your order form to get shipping quote for your destination.

Can I just pick up crab cakes to-go if I live in the local area?

Of course! Just give our carry-out a call 30 minutes before you are ready to pick  and we will have it ready for you when you arrive. You can also place the order online.

What if my package doesn't arrive when it was promised?

Give us a call within 24 hours of the promised delivery date so we can review your order. You can also call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 with your tracking number handy to see where your delivery is in the transit process.

How can I contact your customer service?

You can email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 1-410-636-1777

How much is shipping?

As shipping costs vary, you can use our online order form to get a shipping quote for your area. Go through the steps as if you were going to place an order and before the billing page, your shipping quote will be generated. You can always choose not to complete your order at that time and you will not be charged.

What is a CVV number?

This is the verification number located on the back of your credit card in the signature strip (Visa/MC/Discover) or on the front above the last 4 digits (Amex).

What if I have trouble tracking my package? 

Simply give us a call and we'll help you track your package if any technical difficulties arise.

Are your boxes safe to go through airport security?

Unfortunately the frozen gel packs we use to keep our products fresh are not accepted by TSA.

What are G&M Reward Points?

G&M Reward points are earned for every dollar you spend with us online. Save your points to get discounts on future orders. To find out more about our reward points program, please see our rewards page.

Is your website secure?

Yes. Our website is protected by a secure 2048-bit Extended Validation SSL certificate from GoDaddy.

Can I use a virtual/digital gift card in your store?

All gift cards purchased after November 8th, 2017 can be used online or in our store regardless of whether they are physical gift cards or digital/virtual gift cards. Older virtual gift cards may only be used online. To check where your gift card can be used, please visit our gift cards page and enter your gift card code into the box on the right.

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