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Comment: We live in the Puget Sound area and are used to good fresh seafood especially crab. A few years back I had a business trip to Baltimore and one of my colleagues told me to have dinner at your restaurant and it was wonderful. A few years later my wife and I were on the East Coast made a special trip to your restaurant before we flew home. Now we do not get back to Baltimore very often, but we love your crab cakes so we order them for special occasions. Thanks for the great crab cakes!

Gary H June 2014

"I found out about this one from one of my most reliable sources: LOCALS, bellboys, busboys and parking attendants. It's located in Linthicum, just outside Baltimore, but they even ship their crabcakes nationwide. The crabcakes are like quiche with crab in it."

Adam Richman from Man vs Food

THEY WERE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a crab feast in the mountains of Colorado last night! And absolutely easy-peasy to cook! Bazillion thank yous! Judyth Hill

Judyth Hill

804 Hammonds Ferry Road, Linthicum Heights, 410-636-1777, gandmcrabcakes.com When he and his partner, George Ieromonahos, took over G&M in 1993, John Zoulis says, the restaurant went through about 40 pounds of crab meat a week. Now, Zoulis says, the restaurant uses about 6,500 pounds of crab meat -- jumbo lump, of course -- to make its world-famous crab cakes. And in December, when customers start calling in shipping orders, the restaurant goes through about 20,000 pounds of crab meat. Not all the crab meat goes into crab cakes -- the restaurant serves crab dip, crab meat cocktails and crab balls, too. But Zoulis says that most of it goes into the crab cakes, which are famously free of filler, simply seasoned -- he won't say with what -- and garnished with a sprig of parsley and a lemon wedge. People come from all over the world, Zoulis said, to have the G&M crab cake. And they take them all over the world, too. Because the restaurant's Linthicum Heights location is just a five-minute drive from the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Zoulis says, G&M is a frequent pre-boarding stop for travelers who want to take home a Maryland crab cake -- or eat on the plane. Kevin Moran is one of those savvy travelers. The Annapolis native has made a habit of swinging by G&M before flying back to Dayton, Ohio, from one of his frequent visits back home. "For me, it's a taste of home. You can't get good crab cakes in Dayton," said Moran, who swears by the G&M crab cake. "There's no filling. ... Absolutely, they're the best." Zoulis himself is reticent about what makes the crab cake. "We are serious about quality and consistency," Zoulis says. "We think people deserve a good return for their buck." Take note: Moran said he's had no trouble getting G&M crab cakes through security at BWI and that G&M's are less expensive than the crab cakes sold by a competitor in the airport's secure areas. -- Richard Gorelick

Sun Magazine, - Richard Gorelick

At first, I was hesitant to order your crab cakes by mail because I now live in Western Pennsylvania. I took a chance and am really glad I did. They were the hit of Xmas dinner with transplanted Marylanders. They were OUTSTANDING! I'll be a return customer for sure. Best regards, Ed O

Ed by Email

hello and Happy Holidays to all at G&M I just want to thank you for your fine crab cakes and seeing that they were delivered on time, for my brothers birthday. It meant so much to him to receive a taste of Maryland out in California. You have my highest recommendations and I will think of you first whenever I need to send someone the taste of Maryland.

Don, Internet Customer

Though you can find crab cakes across the country, Task says the ones at this Chesapeake region spot are astonishingly meaty. "They hang together as if by magic. There is the scantest amount of batter and no filler. It's unlike any other crab cake I've ever had," she says. 410-636-1777; gandmcrabcakes.com

USA Today, November 2013

"Hi, My daughter had ordered 4 crab cakes to be shipped to my house, here in Colorado for Mother's Day. They were the best crab cakes that I had ever eaten, we don't have any good seafood restaurants out here. They were all crab meat, no fillers like most of them, and eating one actually made me full. I will be ordering some for my husband and me and can't wait till I try the crab soup. I'm hooked on your crab cakes. Thank-you.

-Sharon, May 14, 2009

The Best I Ever Had From G&M's goliath-sized crab cakes to time tried-and-true recipes that have survived kitchen-based tests and trials of the ages, Eatin' Crabcakes: The Best I Ever Had is the ultimate crab cake treasure hunt across the Chesapeake region. This follow-up to last year's popular Eatin' Crabs: Chesapeake Style is a fun-loving, kitchen-hopping adventure that traverses the state in search of Crab Cake Heaven."

MPT TV, Apr 22, 2009

By Mike Unger , januarry, 2009
G & M may have updated the premises, but, thankfully, it hasn't messed with the crab cakes. By Mike Unger STYLE: Casual crab-house atmosphere. CUISINE: Crab cakes (of course!) and other seafood, steaks, chops, poultry, and Italian dishes. YOU'LL FIND: A spiffied-up space with a two-story sports bar. The snazzy ivory-and-red exterior, complete with two shiny G & M crests calling out to the world (or at least Linthicum), may be new, but the groups of hungry diners huddling outside as they wait for a table most certainly are not. G & M Restaurant and Lounge just completed a full-body, claw-to-back-fin makeover, but the crowds and packed parking lot tell an old story: The beloved crab cakes haven't changed a bit. If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing one of the savory, softball-sized gems, you're excused from reading the rest of this review. Put down the magazine, grab your car keys, and head straight to G & M. The restaurant's crab cakes have stood front and center in that most Maryland of culinary debates—who serves the best crab cake—for nearly a generation. It was soon after moving to town eight years ago that I was first turned on to the place by a group of Anne Arundel County sheriff's deputies, whose formidable guts convinced me that their opinions mattered. In the 16 years since its current owners took over, G & M has garnered praise in dozens of local and national publications, racked up just about every award possible for its crab cakes, and started shipping them anywhere in the country. A massive, yearlong renovation that essentially gutted the entire restaurant and added a soaring, two-story sports bar to the multi-room dining hall and separate takeout counter was completed in August. Amazingly, the place never closed—the kitchen continued to plow through the 6,000 pounds of lump it piles into its crab cakes each week. Gone is the hodgepodge of a restaurant that could be described as old-school charming—or just old. The peeling paint, worn carpets, and cramped tables have been replaced, and modern touches like exposed brick and flat-screen televisions abound. A woman who walked into the new lounge recently was stunned by the sight of the large cherry wood bar and second-story loft. "Am I in the right place?" she murmured. To find out, we visited G & M on a recent blustery Tuesday evening. If there's a recession, it hasn't hit here yet—the place was packed. After an as-advertised, 45-minute wait over cocktails in the bar (a glass of chardonnay and two Yuengling drafts were just over $8), we were seated and dove into the menu, which as evidenced by the red wine and/or marinara sauce stains on the pages, might be the only physical leftovers from the previous era. Crab cake devotees might be surprised by the depth of G & M's menu. Steaks, chops, seafood, poultry, and a number of Italian dishes are offered, in addition to a host of appetizers. We started with crab balls, stuffed potato skins, and a bowl of steamed mussels. It was an easy call naming the crab balls, essentially mini versions of the G & M classic, the best of the bunch, even before we polished off the mussels, served in a bland garlic sauce, and the run-of-the-mill skins. Each entrée comes with a garden salad, two sides, and dinner rolls. The salads were crisp and fresh, though the croutons could have been crunchier. Enough dressing for an army comes on the side; the tangy peppercorn Parmesan is always a good bet. The warm, doughy rolls were difficult to resist, but decline you should. G & M's portion sizes are not for the light-of-stomach. The filet of orange ruffy was served in a lemon-and-white-wine sauce and topped with capers and sautéed mushrooms. The fresh fish flaked in perfect pieces and delivered a satisfyingly subtle flavor. The 24-ounce porterhouse was ordered medium-rare, and broiled just so. It arrived at the table still sizzling, red and juicy inside, tender to the touch. There was nothing too fancy about the dish, but it was a solid cut of beef prepared with precision, always an important key when it comes to steak. As for G & M's famous crab cake, its most striking feature is not its massive girth, but the size of the chunks of lump meat that comprise it. Broiled to a gorgeous golden brown, the crab cake is constructed with just the right amount of filling, which meshes into the meat. Occasionally, I've heard grumblings that G & M's cake is on the dry side, but I think its magnificence lies in its purity. Crab is its dominant flavor, as well it should be. The platter comes with one ($16.95) or two ($23.95) cakes, but if there's a man, woman, or child on earth who can down two of these babies, I've yet to meet them. For just $7 more, it makes sense to go with the double; they reheat nicely at home in the oven. Collectively, our table's sides were French fries, onion rings, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and a vegetable medley. The consensus was they were all serviceable but not extraordinary, not that we had room to finish them anyway. Miraculously, we were able to gather the strength for dessert. Funny how that always seems to happen! G & M began baking their own pies in-house last February. We sampled a slice of Key lime, blueberry cheesecake, and "chocolate mouse"—a mousse with a mouse fashioned from fudge atop it. The mouse-mousse was the best, rich and hearty, while the Key lime was flavorful but a bit fluffy in consistency. Blissfully full, we left the sparkling new restaurant as so many have before us, clutching Styrofoam to-go containers filled with leftover crab cakes. Thankfully, some things never change. G & M Restaurant & Lounge, 804 Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Heights, 410-636-1777. gandmcrabcakes.com. Hours: dining room, 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily; carryout, 10 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. Appetizers: $5.95-11.95, sandwiches: $6.95-12.95, entrées: $10.95-26.95, desserts: $1.95-4.50. ."

By Mike Unger , januarry, 2009

Can't believe I haven't written a review of this place. Granted it's been years since Ive been here so an updated review is needed nevertheless. You know a restaurant is solid with the locals when the front looks like a large, nondescript building and the back is where the parking lot filled with cars is at. And let me tell you how shocked I was when we walked into this place. Memories of a a dated, cramped restaurant transformed into a warm updated decor with expanded dining space and a large bar/lounge. Attentive and friendly staff add to the warm, casual atmosphere of this place. The space might have changed, but the food was still as good as when I was last there at least two years ago. The crab cocktail is a steal with chilled lump crabmeat to enjoy with lemon, tarter sauce or cocktail sauce. My Maryland crab soup was hearty, warm with nice chunks of crab. And the famous crab cakes - thumb-sized crab chunks blended into a baseball-size cake with just barely enough filler to bind, broiled to perfection. A small dash of Old Bay with some tarter or cocktail sauce is all you need for crab cake perfection. The portions were big enough I didn't even need delicious chunky apple sauce accompanying my "sandwich" Oh yeah and my husband's broiled scallops dinner was tasty with large portions but slightly bland and nothing compared to the crab here. A one-cake sandwich with side for less than $14 is more than a good value. The only pitfall of this place is they don't serve soft shell crab sandwiches (they don't make them anymore unless requested). It was amazing when I had it two years ago, and it was by far the best soft shell crab sandwich I have ever had. *tear* A must-go while going to/coming from BWI. Oh hell you can make a field trip to this neck of the woods just for these crab cakes - they're so worth it! ."

Yelp, Feb 16, 2009

"FANTASTIC Crab Cakes By A Yahoo! Contributor, 07/21/08 This was our last evening (July 4, 2008) before returning to Texas after spending over a week with a family reunion and sight seeing in Virginia and Maryland. I was recommended by the airport hotel G&M Restaurant and if I liked crab cakes, this was the ONLY place to go. My wife and I entered a crowded waiting area and was asked by a hostess if it mattered where we sat and if not, we could have a table in the bar area. We sat in the table by the back door and even though there was a lot of activity of people coming in, it was not all that bad (nothing earth shattering) as we did not have to join the others in the waiting area. We enjoyed some wine (house wine, chardonnay) while watching the wonderful food pass us by. I ordered the single crab cake meal and my wife had the veal scallopini A La Marsala. I cannot begin to tell you how much I savored each and every morsel of my crab cake. Chunks of crab and just enough filler to hold it together but when the fork split the cake, chunks and more chunks of delicious crab to enjoy. I am glad (but sorry now) I only ordered the one crab cake as two would have made me uncomfortable but, I would have done justice to it. The veal dish was done also to perfection and I also "had to help my wife" finish her dinner. Our waiter was quite well versed on the menu and while we were enjoying our wine, he knew enough to just let us sit, relax and enjoy our wine without pushing us to order. Nope, no dessert but like my wife said several times during our dinner; "you are enjoying each bite, aren't you" and I only had to nod each time as there was only one thing on my mind at that time, a beautiful crab cake done to perfection. I can only think of one thing better for G & K to do and that is, to open a restaurant in Friendswood

Yahoo Travel, 07/21/08

"G & M is one of those places that everyone has told you about and once you go there you realize you have driven by it and didn't know it was there. Tucked on the side of the road with cars parked all along the front of its entrance, it tends to stay kind of hidden. However, once you manage to park you realize quite how busy this place always is, and for good reason. You can look over the menu all you want, and we should just get it out of the way that the food is prepared like you would expect at home, but once you here people around the closely arranged tables order you know what you must get - crabcakes! The only decision to make is whether you want one or two and then just pick two of several side items. Be careful when ordering two cakes. You think you are safe based on what you get at many other establishments, but be prepared to be taking that second one home. One or two softball sized, lump crabcakes will soon be in front of you to devour. Have fun because they are rather delicious. We are not trying to say the only thing to order here is the crabcake, but it is one of those places where you would be kicking yourself if you went there and didn't. ."

Dinebaltimore.com, Oct 25, 2008

"Oct 8, 2008 We happened on this restaurant by chance while looking for another restaurant. Be warned they are busy. The portions are huge. Waitstaff was very efficient and polite. The restaurant is located only a few miles from BWI airport and hotels. Along with the restaurant is a bar and a carry out section which has a counter with nothing but mile high dessert's. The outside of the restaurant is somewhat of a plain block building, though the inside is very nice. They also have their own bakery on site and ship their crabcakes nationwide. You wont be disappointed. ."

Trip Advisor, Oct 25, 2008

"The arrival of two crabcake sandwiches was met with wide eyes and gasps from Pat and a wide smile that said "Get in my belly!" from yours truly. Though it's been a couple years since my first (and last) visit, that softball-sized mound of crabcake was like the return of an old, but edible, friend. Though I'm still partial to Faidley's, the crabcake sandwich at G&M is top notch and is deserving of its lofty rep. Having had one I'm now kicking myself for not dragging my out of town friends there when they visited a few weeks back. ."

Foodcandy.com, Oct 25, 2008

"Remember us.................. the ladies that ordered 23 Crab Cake Platters last night for our bus group ??? Well, we just wanted to write you a note of THANKS for your fabulous service and THE BEST CRAB CAKE SANDWICH PLATTERS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We now know why you have earned awards for the Best Crab Cakes !!!! Thank you again, The Ladies from the Big Gold Bus ."

Denise Faust, Oct 25, 2008

"Once a year when I go home for Christmas, it has become a tradition to go to G & M for a crab cake dinner. I look forward to it each year. This year my sister surprised me with a FedEx shipment of G & M crab cakes yesterday for my birthday. They were perfectly packaged and the ice packs were still frozen. In 10 minutes or so I can have crab cakes just as delicious as those served at the restaurant. One of the lumps of crabmeat was so large it covered the tines of my fork! Now I can enjoy them year round through mail order. Thanks sis and thanks G & M !!!

Gary Stickler Casselberry, Florida

-The atmosphere is exciting and casual people from all over the world come to eat the best food in town. Including GM famous crab cakes and many desserts. The food is served by waiters with only one thing on their minds, to give you the best service you ever had. -Beautiful newly remodeled restaurant with the best crab cakes in Maryland. Great place to bring the family/guests from out of town to get a taste of Maryland. - i judge the restaurant by how quiet there behave. They are quiet and all seem to be enjoying the most delicious food, particularly the crab cakes.. The crab cakes are my favorites. it is my favorite for my birthday every April. The service by the employees is excellent and the wait is well worth it. The food choices are excellent and attractively served. Their prices are about the same as other good restaurants. The atmosphere always seems happy and we love it for our out of town guests

Merchandiser Newspaper

"Appreciation for crab cake perfection cuts across all ethnic divides. The persistent line at G&M looks the way we imagine the one at the United Nations cafeteria must. During peak lunch and dinner hours it winds outside, where people wait to be seated in the dining room or loiter in the lounge. An hour wait is no problem at all, so long as the promise of a G&M crab cake glimmers at its end. ."

By Mike Unger , November 26, 2007

Hi G & M, Bravo....you did it again. I ordered crabcakes to be shipped out west to my sister and she got them in perfect condition and right on time. When I need to send the perfect gift, I can always count on you. Thanks, Norma Wright P.S. I've lived here in Maryland my whole life and you do have the best crab anything - hands down. ."

-Norma Wright, Jul 04, 2008

"Howard Stern Show features Crab Cakes June 23rd, 2008 · Howard Stern Show features Crab Cakes G and M Crab Cakes were featured this morning on the Howard Stern show. Robin Quivers (originally from D.C) showed her crab cake expertise as she explained the keys to a great crab cake. Quivers mentioned jumbo lump crab cakes, blue crab meat, and back fin as important factors when checking for the quality of a crab cake. Even the Queen of Media loves crab cakes. ."

-Robin Quivers , Jun 23, 2008

"Here's the scoop on these cakes. I have had these in the restaurant and I have had them shipped to me for home heating. Both are delicious, but the ones in the restaurant are exceptional. There are HUGE lumps of crab bound together by the most minimal filler I have ever seen. I have seen those that claim that there is too much filler in these crab cakes - well, the three of us all agreed that there is no more filler there than is needed to bind the crab cake together. G&M does a good bit of business, but their service has always been professional and efficient. The seating can be a little cramped, but they are doing some renovations that will hopefully alleviate some of that. But, the best thing about this particular meal - these crab cake sandwiches (which is the only way that they sell their single crab cake at lunch) is an absolute steal at just $12 - and that includes fries. ."

Roadfood.com, Jan 2008

" The crab was two massive mounds of lump crab meat held together by a slightly rich binding sauce with not a single bread crumb to be found. I must say that having had the authentic version I can’t imagine having it the other way ever again. The crab meat was in huge clumps, the binding agent was just that, enough to keep the lumps of crab together, but not stealing the show from the real winner, the flavor of the crab itself. I also like how the top of the “cake” was crusty and a tad charred from the broiler. ."

Blair, August 28, 2007

"I only went to this place because of all of the ravin' yelp reviews (thanks yelpers!). My boyfriend and I went, sat, ordered and got served - in less than TEN MINUTES. It was like 4 pm in the afternoon, so we got in with the early dinner crowd who looked like they had been regulars since the place opened. The crab cakes were stellar. They were nice and chunky and crabby and yummy. We split the platter because it is served with two crab cakes. Price was decent and the atmosphere was definitely no frills. G & M seems to be doing well for themselves as they have totally expanded to include a bar, diner/to go area (with awesome looking cakes/pies) and a dinner area. If you're passing by (we were driving from DC back up to Philly) you should definitely stop in.

-Tida A, Jun 27, 2008

" Okay, they're pricey, but the crabcakes are worth every penny! These are, hands-down, the best crabcakes on the planet! Actually, these crabcakes are pretty much the only reason to even enter the entire state of Maryland. No, really.

-Lizzy J, Jun 22, 2008

"Loved around the world!By sportsmom711 on 06/22/2007 In 2003 I was in Baghdad, Iraq and some people I was working with and I were discussing foods we missed - and where the best of whatever we missed was - One person mentioned Crab Cakes - I told him I knew where the best crab cakes in the world were - he told me he had his opinion on that - we both said G&M!!!."

AOL's City's Best, May 15, 2008

" I have given your website to so many people and they have referred their friends to you. No one has ever been disappointed in your crab cakes. I'll keep right on sending them to you and ordering for myself. Thanks for making the best crab cakes in Baltimore.."

-Barbara via Email, Feb 11, 2008

"I am please to inform you that your crabcakes were a hit. I just wanted to let you know that you got rave reviews and that they are planning to order more. The order inserts was a excellant idea, you rock! ."

-lucy via email, Feb 11, 2008

"We served your crab cakes Saturday night and our guests raved about them as much as we did. In fact, two people are from the Baltimore area and said yours were the best they had ever had and asked for your address so they can visit the next time they are in the area. Your ordering and delivery process was easy and perfect. Thank you and we're so glad we know about G and M. Judy Perkins ."

Judy Perkins, Jan 07, 2008

"Arrived in perfect condition,they were delicious! What a wonderful treat to have a real crabcake not one so breaded down that it has no taste.You have a permanent customer,will order as often as my budget allows,hats off to you! Sincerely, Darcie ."

Darcie, Dec 05, 2007

"You're broke. Eat here. At G&M, Baltimore's best crab cakes are worth the wait ."

Mike Unger, Nov 26, 2007

"Best Restaurants in America | Where the Locals Eat."

Aug 12, 2007

"Your Guide to Gourmet Food When planning a party, especially a large one, using prepared foods can be a huge time saver. Cooking for 5 or 6 people is one thing, but what about cooking for 12 or 20 or 50! Talk about stress. If you can make it yourself, great. Other options are recruiting some help (good luck) or hiring a caterer (not cheap) or buying the food premade. Here are some companies that will deliver high quality appetizers right to your door. Just heat and serve. This Maryland seafood restaurant ships a variety of their menu specialties. Crab cakes, stuffed oysters, stuffed shrimp, and stuffed soft shell crabs. about.com."

Brett Moore,, Aug 12, 2007

""High Flying Crab Cakes" At a recent dinner at G&M Restaurant & Lounge in Linthicum Md i was served the best crab cakes i'd ever had-huge,spicy speciments loaded with lump crab meat and hardly any filler.Happily ,i discovered that G&M does a brisk mail-orderbusiness,and the crab cakes survived an overnight trip to Long island with no appreciable dimunition in quality........"

May 10, 2006

Grant Huang, july 28, 2007
"G&M Restaurant to get $2 million makeover : Eatery popular for crab cakes to add lounge, waiting area “G&M has been very successful and very tightly run over the last 15 years” The crab cakes at G&M Restaurant in Linthicum have aged gracefully over the past three decades, but the facilities haven't. The storefront is faded and dusty, the kitchen painfully cramped and the dining areas ... via Hometown Annapolis ."

Grant Huang, july 28, 2007

"G & M 804 N. Hammonds Road Linthicum, MD Phone: 410-636-1777 Another of Wayne Keller’s favorites and about a 20 minute cab ride from the hotel. A little worn but great Crab Cakes and much more. ." -

Aug 12, 2007

"Baltimore's Best Crab Cakes Delivered to You ." -NSA

National Society of Accountants, Aug 12, 2007

" just got back from dinner where I ate the best crab cake in town and in Baltimore, that's saying a lot! Any locals may have already guessed that I ate dinner at G and M Restaurant and Lounge. Nothing beats their golden lumpy crab cakes w/ a little tarter sauce. Mmmmm.... I ordered the single crab cake platter for $16.95 which included a small garden salad w/ blue cheese dressing, a baked potato, cole slaw and a delicious lump crab cake. The giant dinner rolls were a little lackluster so I only ate a small portion of the fluffy bread. I managed to take a little home for Johnnycakes to enjoy as well. ."

"A couple of Cooks Magazine"

Washington Post,  apr 27, 2006
"You don't have to be headed to or from Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport to stop at G & M Restaurant & Lounge in Linthicum Heights, but if you happen to be airport bound, this is a great place to pick up a crab cake -- or a dozen. The building isn't much to look at, but walk inside during lunchtime and you'll find the dining rooms packed, and almost everyone seems to be eating the saucer-size crab cakes. These cakes are broiled, with just enough binder to hold the sweet crabmeat together. 804 Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Heights, 410-636-1777.http://www.gandmrestaurant.com. ."

Washington Post, apr 27, 2006

Washington Post,  Jul 25, 2007
"Seafood Walk through G&M Restaurant & Lounge (804 Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Heights, 410-636-1777, www.gandmcrabcakes.com) at lunchtime on any weekday and you might mistake it for a cafeteria for office workers: Everyone seems to be eating the trademark saucer-size broiled crab cake. Yes, there is a handwritten list of daily lunch specials on the whiteboard at the entrance, but that hardly seems to matter. G&M is crab cakes. If you are on your way to or from BWI, stop by for a bagful. It seems everybody else does. ."

Washington Post, Jul 25, 2007

"This palace of most excelent crab cakes does't look like much from the outside.The tip-off is a jam-packed parking lot. ...when waiotres june plops down plates of golden crab mountains,our eyes go wide.People stare from adjoining tables. Hunks of crab as big as your pinky are held together with little or more than dumb luck.It is sinful,realy, digging into this giant pillow of creamy crab that tastes of seawater and a bit of mustard.Filler is undetectable,and a gently tingling kick must come from Maryland's homegrown mix,Old Bay. Lordy ,how many crabs died for my lunch?Is it possible to taste another crab cake so memorable?."

-Janet K. Keeler, May 20, 2007

'When you think big,juicy crab cakes,you think of G& M first' said Diana Dunlop of Glen Burnie,along time fan of G&M.The other names,Gunnings or Timbuktu, you remember them later...after you're sitting at G&M talking about who else has crab cakes.."

-Grant Huang, Jul 21, 2007

"We've had the pleasure of dining at your restaurant a few years back and had thought about (dreamed about) your crab cakes ever since. We've never ordered them on-line but had often thought about it. This morning, my wife was reading the local paper ( The Toledo Blade) and was surprised to see an article (reprint) from the St. Petersburg Times ( Janet Keeler) about your fabulous crabcakes. WE AGREE ! They are the best we've ever eaten. We ordered today and our mouths are watering sitting here waiting for the shipment to arrive. Let us know if you'd like a hard copy of the article or you can go to the Toledo Blade On-line to view it. Thanks !

George & Jennifer Joniec Lambertville, MI

"I just wanted to thank you for the great Customer Service. The crab cakes arrived in Tacoma Wa as ordered. My son was thrilled with the birthday present, quality etc. He stated that it was even better than when he had them in the resturant, if that could be possible. Thanks again, Pat C ."

Pat Cheslick, April 26, 2007

"My parents got their crabcakes today and they were totally surprised and loved it that I sent them crabcakes. When we lived in Severna Park we used to have your crab cakes all the time and the only person that made Crabcakes better than G & M was my mom (family loyalty)....They now live in Maine and the middle of Lobster Country but crabcakes are still one of their delights. The Crabcakes arrived on schedule and my Mom said they Are just as she remembered when we dined at at G & M for all those years. Expect a order to be shipped to Colorado Shortly. Crabcakes out here are a JOKE. Thanks Dave Hauswald... ."

Dave Hauswald..., May 17, 2007

"Didn't see a comment page on your website so here goes: We got our package of crab cakes yesteray at noon, cooked them for dinner -OUTSTANDING- Originally from Washington DC I now live in Iowa with my wife and 2 of my college sons and every year I take them back to DC to visit family and always eat crabs somewhere. This year we cant make it back so I ordered crab cakes from you and we cooked them up as a surprise for the boys and believe me WE all loved em..... We'll do it again and we'll order from you.....On time and GRRRRRRRRRREAT to eat.... Gene Cherrico Cedar Rapids Iowa (go TERPS)."

Gene Charrico, Aug 03, 2006

"G&M... Your crabcakes are still the best and a welcome treat up here in Vermont. The delivery system is first rate, too. Happy Crabbing. Sandy T.."

Sandy T., Aug 03, 2006

"Hello, My husband and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Our new neighbors, from Maryland, just shared some of your crabcakes with us. (I am assuming they were sent or hand delivered by visiting family.) We are originally from the the Philadelphia area and are familiar with this Maryland specialty. Your crabcakes are far and away the best we have ever tasted . We thoroughly enjoyed everything about them. I thought Phillips at the Inner Harbor had very good crabcakes. Yours are much better. You have a really wonderful recipe. It's obvious that you take great care in every batch. My husband greatly appreciated the absence of shells. I wish you continued great success. Patty O' Phoenix, Arizona ."

Patty O, Apr 01, 2006

-Angus P, August, 2003
"If you have not been the G&M Restaurant just off The Baltimore Beltway in Linthicum, you have not yet had the best (and most reasonably priced) crab cakes in Chesapeake country.."

-Angus P, August, 2003

-Angus P, July 15, 1998
"Excellent, and so meaty as to belong in the heavy weight class of Maryland crab cakes without filler.."

-Angus P, July 15, 1998

 -Angus P, May 13, 1998
"There is a good reason why G & M serve 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of crabmeat a week. And that is a reason good enough for us. You find a combination of a good menu, good food, relaxing atmosphere, friendly people, and reasonable prices.."

-Angus P, May 13, 1998

-Geoff P, June 28, 1997
"Nice selection. Substantial portions. Reasonable prices. Satisfying. Pasta dishes portions big enough for 3 people, still al dente after the drive home.."

-Geoff P, June 28, 1997

-Geoff P, August 10, 1994
"I think the pasta w/mussels marinara best represents the value that G & M offers.."

-Geoff P, August 10, 1994

"You have definitely won yourself a loyal customer and we thoroughly enjoyed the food, it is fabulous.."

-Michelle M

"I can not say enough good things about your restaurant.."

-Elizabeth L

"I just placed my second order. Your crab cakes are wonderful, and they make it so easy to make a really special meal, for just myself or for guests. I was surprised at how good they were even after being frozen. I'll be back many times, I'm sure. Candyce N ."

-Candyce N, Feb 20, 2006

"I sent crab cakes and soft crabs to My Dad in Florida, to my Mom in Cumberland, MD and to my Cousin in LaVale, MD. Everyone raved about the quality. Thanks for helping to make Christmas a little more special for my family. Happy New Year, Ray ."

-Ray L, Dec 27, 2005

"I have enjoyed eating your cakes and other great entrees. Whenever we have guests come to visit a stop at your restaurant is always a treat. All of our friends have enjoyed the food and take advantage of your mail order service once they return home. They send your crabcakes as gifts for others and themselves. Thanks for great product, great service. Happy holidays Karl S."

-Karl S, Dec 24, 2005

"hi g&m, i was in baltimore on business and visited your restaurant. i was so impressed with your crabcakes that night that i ordered some for carryout ....to michigan! the crabcakes were packed on ice, boxed up, and they arrived home safely. we cooked them as you directed and enjoyed them tonight. i'll see you again my next time in baltimore. thanks for the great meal[s] and hospitality. john D grosse ile,mi. ."

-john D, Feb 20, 2006

"I am a Southwest Airlines employee and regularly travel to BWI , my wife generally accompanies me primarily to enjoy great seafood. After visiting your place once ,we always go look foward to our next visit. The crabcakes have also become a birthday tradition gift for my wife . Thank You"

-Eligio B, Mar 04, 2006

"My husband and I ate at G&M with friends wellover a year ago while on a trip to Va. We fell in love with the crab cakes. Then I got a friend to bring some back on his way out of Baltimore. NOW I must say that the pleasure of being able to order the absolutely BEST crab cakes in the world is mine. To think that I won't have to try fly to Baltimore every time I want a REAL crab cake. Happy Holidays and Thank-you Candie ."

-Candie, Dec 29, 2005

READERS POLL, Aug 09, 2005
"Voted number #1 crab cakes .Reader's poll August 2005.Second year .."

READERS POLL, Aug 09, 2005

Gazette Writer
"I think the pasta w/mussels marinara best represents the value that G & M offers.."

Gazette Writer

 -Sun Writer, December 5, 1996
"Huge crab cakes at the right price. Even the Mayors office has been known to send Emissaries to load up on the hearty and modestly priced fare.."

-Sun Writer, December 5, 1996

-Sun Writer, January 28, 1999
"Try the colossal Maryland crab cake!."

-Sun Writer, January 28, 1999

Sun Writer, February 4, 1999
"The Maryland crab cake platter is the stuff of legends.."

Sun Writer, February 4, 1999

Ruth Hakulin, March 30, 2000
"Talk about specialization. I knew that G & M was known for its jumbo lump Maryland crab cakes that translates to more than 4,000 pounds of jumbo lump crab meat a week.."

Ruth Hakulin, March 30, 2000

Sun Writer, July 21, 1998
"Best Maryland crab cakes!."

Sun Writer, July 21, 1998

Zagat Survey, February 2001
"Plaque of excellence and award of distinction.."

Zagat Survey, February 2001

Baltimore Magazine Readers Poll, February 2004
"Voted best crab cakes."

Baltimore Magazine Readers Poll, February 2004

Sun Writer, July 6, 2000
"There is a line at this restaurant, and with good reason: Food that includes Maryland crab cakes packed with lumps of meat and almost no filling. The prime rib was so tender I almost sent my knife back to the kitchen. ."

Sun Writer, July 6, 2000