Stuffed Shrimp

One (1) delicious 10 oz. jumbo lump stuffed shrimp. (Parsley and lemon not included)

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Customer Reviews

Never had a bad crab cake weather it was there in the store or bought online. G&M Rocks!


My niece in Baltimore sent me three crab cakes and three "stuffed shrimp" (really a crab cake with a huge shrimp underneath!) because I live in MN and cannot get seafood like this. Cooking at home was simple and these are the magically delicious crab cakes I enjoyed when I visited MD. Just gobs of lump crab meat, no bread or filler, and then a huge tail-on shrimp that was heaven. Don't be afraid to order online! They arrive fresh and raw and cook in about 15 minutes. Yum!


We lived in Maryland for a dozen years before moving back to New England. Our children were born in the D.C. Maryland area. Ordering from G&M has become a holiday tradition for us and the stuffed shrimp covers 2 of our seafoods for the feast of 7 fishes!! As the other reviews say, no matter what the menu says where you may be from, you can only get a true "Maryland crab cake" in Maryland! And G&M is one of the very best. Worth every penny!!! Also, this truly is more like a crab cake with a shrimp surprise! Again, worth every penny!


It is delicious.
But it should be called a stuffed crab cake.
A crab cake stuffed with shrimp.