Stuffed Shrimp

One (1) delicious 10 oz. jumbo lump stuffed shrimp. (Parsley and lemon not included)

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Customer Reviews

My niece in Baltimore sent me three crab cakes and three "stuffed shrimp" (really a crab cake with a huge shrimp underneath!) because I live in MN and cannot get seafood like this. Cooking at home was simple and these are the magically delicious crab cakes I enjoyed when I visited MD. Just gobs of lump crab meat, no bread or filler, and then a huge tail-on shrimp that was heaven. Don't be afraid to order online! They arrive fresh and raw and cook in about 15 minutes. Yum!


We lived in Maryland for a dozen years before moving back to New England. Our children were born in the D.C. Maryland area. Ordering from G&M has become a holiday tradition for us and the stuffed shrimp covers 2 of our seafoods for the feast of 7 fishes!! As the other reviews say, no matter what the menu says where you may be from, you can only get a true "Maryland crab cake" in Maryland! And G&M is one of the very best. Worth every penny!!! Also, this truly is more like a crab cake with a shrimp surprise! Again, worth every penny!


It is delicious.
But it should be called a stuffed crab cake.
A crab cake stuffed with shrimp.


Many cities/states/regions have cuisines unique to the area. While one can find Chicago-Style pizza, Carolina BBQ, S.F. sourdough bread, etc. throughout the U.S., I have NEVER tasted a Maryland-style crab cake outside of Maryland! I've often seen it on a menu and have often ventured to order it and have always been disappointed (last time was in Calif where I was served a pancake-like fishy patty with bell peppers and pimentos that was nothing like a MD crabcake! But in Maryland, the best among the best is at G&M!

And amazingly the crab cakes ordered on line and cooked at home taste identical to those ordered in the restaurant (I go to the restaurant whenever I'm in MD and we order the crab cakes on-line for an annual Christmas Eve after-shopping tradition!).

We have tried buying lump (backfin) crab meat and make our own lump crab cakes-failed! There is something magical G&M does to make those sweet creamy lumps or succulent crab cakes! I'd pay double the price-worth every penny!