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Much ado about crab

Our favorite ways to turn your crab cake delivery into meals that keep on giving.

There’s just about nothing better than getting a fresh delivery of crab cakes to your door. Simply heavenly. But sometimes you’ll want to shake things up a bit. If you’re looking to expand your horizons with some new recipes, you can also get our Crab Cake Tub in bulk and create any number of new recipes with it.

These are a “DIY” form of our crab cakes because you can make them any size and shape you like. With endless opportunities to be creative, we’d love to hear from you about what you come up with too.

For now, here are some ideas.

Party-size crab cake balls

Miniaturized versions of our crab cakes are adorable and portable, perfect for a wide range of parties and gatherings. By creating patties that are bite-sized, your guests can skewer their way to crabby greatness. Pair it with an aioli that includes, what else, Old Bay Seasoning, and you’ll be the taste of the night.

Crab cake carbonara

Pasta and crab cakes. You might not think they would work together but oh do they ever. After all, it makes sense when you think about the fact that they are both pretty much the ultimate comfort food coming together. In this crab cake carbonara recipe, the richness works together for a dish that will leave you feeling like home. This recipe also recommends a pairing with a nice Pinot Noir.

Old Bay Maryland crab soup

Nothing says Maryland like crab and Old Bay. This quick and easy recipe turns your G&M lump crab meat into a delicious and savory soup that’s perfectly spiced. Great for cold winter days or just when you’re in the mood for a taste of home, it’s the perfect soupy appetizer.

Crab cake dip

Who says artichokes should have all the fun? This lump crab cake dip blows that veggie right out of the water. This recipe has lots to love about it, from the tartar sauce base to the inclusion of RITZ cracker crumble. G&M lump crab cake makes the most delicious dip you’ll ever serve.

It’s all good!

Whatever you decide to make with your G&M crab cake tub, we know it will be amazing. Why? Because our crab cakes are fresh, never frozen and the perfect complement to any dish. We actually can’t think of a WRONG way to use them (maybe as an ice cream topping, but we can’t say it won’t work… try it and let us know.)