Daily Specials

Lunch Specials

Friday, November 21, 2014




Angel Hair – Alla Calabrese                         7

Angel Hair with broccoli, garlic, tomato strips, raisins and pine nuts then finished with chopped parsley


Texas BBQ Beef                                                 9

Slow simmered chopped beef in a Smokey BBQ sauce served on a kaiser roll with melted american cheese served with cole slaw


Salmon Cake                                                        9

Homemade salmon cake made from fresh Atlantic salmon served with a side of macaroni and cheese


Crab Meat Quesadilla                                     11

Quesadilla with crab cakes and cheddar cheese served with salsa and sour cream



Soup of the Day:        Shrimp Bisque             

           Veggie 1:        Carrots

           Veggie 2:           Kale



















Weekend of November 21, 2014


Appetizer Specials


Stuffed Potato Skins                                           6

Bruschetta w/mozzarella cheese                     7

Chicken Quesadilla                                            8

Oysters or Clams Casino                                  9

Fire Cracker Shrimp                                         10


Dinner Specials


Smoked Pork Chops                                          15

Home style apple-wood smoked pork chops,

finished with a sweet and spicy sauce and topped

with mixed fruit


Scaloppine Di Pollo                                           16

Sautéed chicken breast with a lemon butter,

mushrooms, capers, sun dried tomatoes,

artichokes and prosciutto over angel hair pasta


Veal Forestiere                                                   18

Tender veal medallions delicately sautéed in a

shitake mushroom scallion cream sauce


Fresh Wild Rockfish                                         22

Broiled wild rockfish, lusciously seasoned and

cooked to perfection with lemon-butter and freshly

chopped parsley