Daily Specials


Lunch Specials

Friday, September 19, 2014



Spaghettini with Shitake Mushrooms            7

Spaghettini with sautéed shitake mushrooms tossed with a light herb de provence sauce; finished with shredded Romano cheese


G&M Mushroom Swiss Burger                       9

Homemade angus beef burger topped with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese served on brioche roll with lettuce, tomato and French fries


Spinach with Rockfish Bites             10

Heirloom spinach salad with beer battered rockfish bites finished with sweet chili dressing and crispy tortilla chips


Spinach Salad with Beef Tenderloin               10

Heirloom spinach with tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions topped with seasoned tenderloin and finished with a warm bacon dressing



Soup of the Day:          Shrimp Bisque      

           Veggie 1:         Key Largo Blend               

           Veggie 2:           Lima Beans          






Wednesday , September 18, 2014              


Appetizer Specials


Stuffed Potato Skins                                           6

Bruschetta w/mozzarella cheese                     7

Chicken Quesadilla                                            8

Oysters or Clams Casino                                  9

Fire Cracker Shrimp                                         10


Dinner Specials


Raisin Walnut Chicken                                     15

Seared chicken in a light sherry cream sauce

with raisins and walnuts; served over penne pasta


Smoked Pork Chops                                           16

20oz Home-style Applewood smoked pork chops;

 finished with a bbq glaze and topped with a grilled

 pineapple ring


Lemon-Pepper Orange Roughy                        19

Broiled wild orange roughy, lusciously seasoned

 and cooked to perfection with a white wine lemon

-pepper sauce and fresh chopped parsley


Poblano Steak & Goat Cheese                          19

12oz black angus New York Strip steak cooked

 to perfection with goat cheese and topped with

 ancho chili butter