Cooking Instructions

The G&M Crab Cakes are made with a minimum amount of filler and handling to keep the jumbo crab lumps intact.  Keep in mind that the crab meat is cooked before the meat is picked from the shell. The final cooking/preparation is intended to get the internal temperature hot (between 140F and 160F)

* Please Note: Products are RAW (unless otherwise noted), they must be cooked prior to consuming.  Crab Cakes and Crab Balls can be refrigerated up to 3 days *

Crab Cakes and Crab Balls: Bake at 450F for 12 to 15 minutes in a pre-heated oven.  When the cakes become firm and a consistent light brown color outside, they are ready. 

Stuffed Shrimp and Stuffed Oysters: Add some water/lemon mixture to the pan.  Bake at the same temperature and time as above.  Please note: The oysters included with your shipment are to be eaten Cooked Only.

Microwave for Soup: Place soup in microwave safe cookware and microwave for 15 minutes on high, stirring every 5 minutes until soup comes to a boil

Range Top for Soup: Place soup in sauce pan and heat on top of range at a medium heat, stirring until soup comes to a boil


Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, shell fish or fresh eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions.  Maryland Crab Soup are shipped frozen and must be consumed immeiately upon arrival and are Not to be Refrozen